Your Creative License, inspired by Angie Susag.  Art teaches us that problems have more than one solution.  Problem solving allows us to anticipate the unexpected possiblities. The arts celebrate multiple perspectives of the world. Art teaches us that small differences make large effects. It teaches us to learn to communicate through imagery. And most importantly, art gives us the creative license to be INDIVIDUAL.
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Handmade Jewelry!
I LOVE collecting odd objects from the places that I visit.  Instead of them just sitting in drawer filled with other thingamajigs, I enjoy making handmade jewelry out of them.  Some of my most favorite items to collect are keys, especially skeleton keys.  There is a certain mystery that goes along with these random objects.  Who once owned it, how many hands has it been in, what did it go to, or simply what is it?  I hope you enjoy my eclectic collection.

My photographs are not the traditional posed portraits that many are used to. Instead, my photos capture and highlight different aspects and angles of the person, place, or event. Of course the traditionally posed portraits may be added upon request. All of my work is personalized to suit each person’s individuality.

Handmade Ceramics!
One  of my  favorite  pastimes  is  playing  with  MUD!
Welcome to my Pottery page.  What you will find here is what I love most, which is FUNCTIONAL stoneware ceramics for daily use. 
No lead is used in my clay or glazes.  All pieces are microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.  Browse through the gallery and enjoy!

- All my pieces are in the process of still being fired - but you are still more than welcome to claim them ... before someone else does!

Children's Parties

For bashes with an artistic flair, we offer Visual Art Parties for children from 3yr.-18yr. Let us plan your party!  We have everything that you need - right down to the invitation!

Great for:* Birthdays * Girl Scouts * Boy Scouts * Art Clubs * Organized Youth Groups * Play Dates

"The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life."

What do you teach?
Angie can teach you or your child general lessons in drawing, painting, sculpture, or whatever you wish to specialize in. She is an experienced, certified art teacher who will come into your home and provide one on one or small group instruction. She has worked with all ages from 3yrs to adult and will do age appropriate projects based on the interests of the student.

Why a Private Art Instructor? Doesn’t my child receive art instruction at school?
Most elementary students receive art instruction for less than an hour, once a week from a teacher working with class sizes of 20 to 30 students. The amount of individualized attention you child receives in the visual arts is therefore very little.

Why is art so important?
Art teaches valuable lessons such as attention to detail and problem solving skills. Art is a subject in which there are many correct solutions to every problem. Students get to be creative and expressive in ways that other subjects don’t allow. Art is also a subject in which student’s success can really build their self-esteem and confidence. All of these reasons are important whether they ultimately go into an artistic field or not.

Are there group rates available if my child would like to take lessons with a friend or neighbor?
Yes, the size of the group dictates the rate.